Advanced Website Maintenance and Automation Package

$1,000.00 / Months

Optimize your online presence with the Advanced Website Maintenance and Automation Package. Enjoy peak website performance paired with automated social media engagement, designed for businesses aiming for efficiency and consistency across their digital platforms. Our package ensures your brand stands out, engages effectively with your audience, and remains competitive in the digital landscape.

The Advanced Website Maintenance and Automation Package is meticulously designed by Popp Media Agency to cater to businesses that desire a seamless integration of their website’s maintenance with automated social media engagement. This package is a comprehensive solution that ensures your website remains in pristine condition—secure, fast, and user-friendly—while also leveraging your content across social media platforms automatically. It’s perfect for businesses looking to maintain a robust online presence with efficiency and ease.

What This Package Offers:

  • Enhanced Web Maintenance: Guarantees your website is always up-to-date, secure, and operating smoothly, thanks to our dedicated team of web specialists.
  • Social Media Content Automation: Automatically shares updates from your website, such as new blog posts or event announcements, across your social media channels, ensuring consistent engagement with your audience.
  • Content Calendar Planning: Provides a strategic content calendar, planning your digital content across platforms to maintain a consistent and engaging brand message.
  • Advanced Analytics Integration: Offers deep insights into both your website and social media performance, enabling informed decisions to boost engagement and visibility.
  • Monthly Strategy Consultation: Monthly sessions to assess performance, refine strategies, and plan future content, ensuring your marketing efforts are always aligned and effective.
  • Content Creation Option: Professional content creation services are available to enrich your site and social media with high-quality, engaging content, tailored to your audience and SEO goals.


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