Web Design & Hosting Packages from Popp Media Agency

At Popp Media Agency, we specialize in turning fresh visions into digital realities. We’re not just building websites; we’re creating your brand’s digital identity with a foundation as unique as your business. By partnering with Trentahost for superior domain name registration and hosting, we ensure your online presence is robust, secure, and ready to make an impact.

Your First Step Online

Our Website Basic Package is the essential starting point for establishing a digital presence effectively and swiftly. Designed with simplicity and elegance, it offers a one-page website to communicate your brand’s essence, services, and contact information concisely. Ideal for small businesses or individuals seeking a professional look without complexity, ensuring a solid foundation for online growth with responsive design and basic SEO. Explore the Basic Package.

The Website Basic Package from Popp Media Agency is your entry point into the digital world, perfect for individuals and small businesses seeking a simple yet effective online presence.
Boost your business with the Website Pro Package from Popp Media Agency. Includes a three-page website, SEO, Google Analytics, and more.

Elevating Businesses to New Heights

Tailored for businesses aiming for expansion and broader online engagement, the Website Pro Package extends beyond the Basic by incorporating a multi-page structure with enhanced user interaction capabilities. Integrating Google Analytics and advanced SEO strategies, it boosts site visibility and lays the groundwork for a robust social media presence. Explore the Pro Package.

Streamlined E-Commerce Solutions

Perfect for small to medium enterprises venturing into e-commerce with a select inventory, the Website Elite Lite Package enables showcasing up to 5 products. This package enriches the Pro’s features with WooCommerce integration for a seamless shopping experience, supported by SEO optimization and analytics to ensure visibility and performance tracking. Explore the Elite Lite Package.

Start selling online with the Website Elite Lite Package from Popp Media Agency, featuring WooCommerce for up to 5 products, SEO, and Google Analytics.
Maximize your e-commerce potential with the Website Elite Package from Popp Media Agency, featuring advanced WooCommerce, SEO, analytics, and expert consulting.

The Pinnacle of Web Presence

The ultimate choice for businesses seeking a dominant online store presence, the Website Elite Package supports an initial setup of up to 10 products. Offering a fully customized e-commerce platform with advanced SEO, analytics, and personalized consulting, it’s designed for significant online growth and competitive market positioning. Explore the Elite Package.

A Trusted Partnership for Your Digital Infrastructure

We are proud to partner with Trentahost, leaders in domain name registration and hosting. Their exceptional service guarantees that your site is fast, secure, and always accessible, laying the groundwork for your online success.

Together with Popp Media Agency, embark on a journey to build not just a website, but a dynamic digital presence that truly represents the best version of your brand online.